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As an ISO/IEC 17024 certified certification body, Brightest offers certification examinations for professionals around the world in various language options. We are proud to offer most of the current ISTQB® portfolio.

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Selenium United

SeU stands for Selenium United


Design Sprint Alliance

DSA stands for Design Sprint Alliance


International Software Testing Qualifications Board

“CTFL” is the abbreviation of “Certified Tester Foundation Level”

“CTAL” is the abbreviation of “Certified Tester Advanced Level"


Blockchain United

BcU stands for Blockchain United


DevOps United

DOu stands for DevOps United

How to get Certified with Brightest

There are a couple of different ways in which you can get certified with Brightest. The first question is how to prepare for the certification exam. We generally recommend training through an ISTQB® Accredited Training Provider; however, if you have a lot of experience in the area you wish to get certified in, self-study can be a great option. You are also welcome to challenge an exam anytime you like, provided you fill any potential experience or certification requirements.

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