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ISTQB® CT - Agile Test Leadership at Scale


The ISTQB® Certified Tester - Agile Test Leadership at Scale (ATLaS) certification focuses on organizing and improving quality and testing across multiple teams in an agile organization. 

Chapter 1: Quality Assistance

  • ISTQB defines quality assistance and how it relates to different quality and testing concepts.
  • Essential skills to foster a quality mindset and culture.

Chapter 2: Improve Quality and Flow in a Value-Driven Organization

  • Value stream mapping.
  • Identifying waste as defined in lean methodology

Chapter 3: Continuous Improvement of Quality and Testing

  • Improvement as experiments and learning cycles.

Chapter 4: Organizational Test Strategy in a Value-Driven Organization

  • Important DevOps practices influencing an organization test strategy.
  • Aligning test strategy with business and technology strategies.
  • Collaborative creation and implementation of an organizational test strategy

Chapter 5: Test Processes in a Value-Driven Organization

  • Challenging test processes.
  • Organizing test processes.


Business outcomes

Passing this level demonstrates that candidates can:

  • Foster a value-driven quality mindset and culture.
    • Someone ISTQB® CT-ATLaS certified can in a value-driven organization, build and sustain a quality and testing culture, or in an organization that is not value-driven, contribute to the transition to a value-driven culture.
  • Co-create and implement an organizational test strategy that develops quality and testing capabilities.
    • In a value-driven organization, it is still crucial to have a strategy for building the required quality and testing capabilities to deliver customer and business value.
  • Continuously improve test processes at an organizational level, addressing test challenges in the context of agile at scale product development.
    • A value-driven organization strives to deliver value to its customers often. It challenges traditional ways of organizing, performing, and leading internal and external testing.

Target Audience

The ISTQB® CT-ATLaS qualification is aimed at people who work in organizations pursuing agility at scale or business agility and already have a basic understanding of Agile software development and agile testing.

This includes people in roles such as test manager, head of testing, quality coach, agile test leader, agile test team leader, test analyst, technical test analyst, test automation engineer, quality engineer, quality assurance, member of an agile team, member of a leadership team leading multiple agile teams, IT director, project manager, release train engineer, scrum master, product owner, and management consultant.


  • Have successfully passed the ISTQB® CTFL 3.1 (or earlier version) Certification exam and hold the certificate, and the ISTQB® CTFL-AT (Agile Tester). OR hold the ISTQB® CTFL 4.0 version certificate that contains information on agile methodologies

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