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Code of Ethics and Conduct

All of the people working at and for Brightest GmbH are expected to adhere to the following principles and to work in a safe environment that involves responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.

1.  We seek to create a safe and respectful workplace for everyone

  • Our priority is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, partners, subcontractors and clients. We do not act in an abusive manner toward others and we expect our partners to act accordingly. We intend to make everyone feel welcome and safe while working with us and we do not tolerate exclusionary behaviours.
  • We make opportunities equally available to qualified candidates. We do not and shall not discriminate based on, but not limited to, a person’s colour, gender, gender identity, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, in any of our activities or operations. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to our staff, partners, subcontractors and clients.
  • We strive to create a work environment that encourages truthful communication and conduct. Our commitments and promises, implied or explicit, are made in good faith.
  • We fulfil the commitments that we undertake and we provide accurate information in a timely manner. We accept accountability for the errors or omissions we make, and we take corrective action promptly.
  • We seek to inform ourselves about and understand other people’s points of view and customs to maintain respectful communication.
  • We make decisions and take actions based on the best interests of society, public safety, and the environment.

2.  We strive for transparent and honest communication

  • We make sure the proprietary or confidential information that has been entrusted to us remains protected.
  • We negotiate in good faith.
  • We do not aim to pressure or influence people into taking decisions or actions that may benefit us.
  • We proactively and fully disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • We take our decisions in the most straightforward manner and we provide equal information to the people who are authorized to have that information.

3.  We believe in lawful conducts and decision making, and avoiding unfair competition

  • We believe in free and open competition and we will never attempt to fix prices, limit partnerships, attempt to prevent, restrict or distort competition, or act dishonestly in any way.
  • We do not engage in or condone behaviour that is designed to deceive others. This includes but is not limited to making misleading or false statements, stating half-truths, providing information out of context or withholding information that, if known, would render our statements as misleading or incomplete.
  • We do not engage in dishonest behaviour with the intention of personal gain or at the expense of another.
  • Our decisions and actions must be free from competing self-interest, prejudice, and favouritism.
  • When we realize that we have a real or potential conflict of interest, we make sure that every stakeholder is fully informed during the decision-making process in order to avoid influencing the outcome.
  • We approach directly those persons with whom we have a conflict or disagreement.
  • We only file ethics complaints when they are substantiated by facts.
  • We respect and comply with all relevant global and local laws and regulations at all times - and we do not engage in any illegal behaviour, including but not limited to: theft, fraud, corruption, embezzlement, or bribery.
  • Gifts of money, goods, services or other favours may not be solicited or accepted. Small gifts and appropriate hospitality may be accepted as long as they do not oblige you and are not misconstrued.
  • We do not take or abuse the property rights of others, including intellectual property, nor do we engage in slander or libel.