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Venezuela - Caracas


4 days - from 04-05-19 to 07-05-19

Germany - München


2 days - from 07-05-19 to 08-05-19

Switzerland - Zürich


2 days - from 06-06-19 to 07-06-19

Argentina - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


8 days - from 03-08-19 to 10-08-19

Germany - Berlin


2 days - from 21-08-19 to 22-08-19

Germany - Heidelberg


2 days - from 14-11-19 to 15-11-19

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brightest green exam

Brightest Green Exam

Electronic exams for Groups of at least 6 persons in English, Spanish, French or German anywhere in the world.

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Brightest Center Exam

In English, Spanish, French and German at 5200+ Test Centres worldwide directly via the Brightest part of the

Pearson VUE website!
brightest paper exam

Brightest Paper Exam

For Groups of at least 6 persons in English, Spanish, German or French.

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