CU Cloud Infrastructure as Code (Iac) Test Specialist


Infrastructure as Code process has made the provisioning and managing of the cloud infrastructure more productive, efficient, and consistent. The Cloud United - Cloud Computing Infrastructure as Code Specialist (CCICS) certification course focuses on the approaches and tools used in the process.


The certification itself is independent of any specific cloud provider; however, hands-on exercises will be performed on several of the most widely known providers and hybrid scenarios as well. The objective of the CCICS certification is to enable the testers to understand the approaches and tools available for provisioning and managing of Infrastructure through code and various testing strategies for testing the provisioned infrastructure and the tools available for performing specific tests.


Business Objectives (BO) for this course:

  • Understand the process of provisioning and managing the infrastructure through code.
  • Understand the different tools available for IaC in different Hyperscalers and hybrid scenarios.
  • Understand the different test strategies for the testing of infrastructure provisioned through code.
  • Understand the different testing tools available for the testing of infrastructure provisioned through code.
  • Provision and test infrastructure through code in different Hyperscalers and hybrid scenarios.
  • Understand IaC in Kubernetes, Platform as Code and Compliance as Code concepts.

Target Audience

Testers, Test Leads and Managers, QAs, QEs and basically anyone who tests or manages the testing of cloud native applications.


For the basics of cloud testing, we highly recommend that participants hold the Cloud Test Practitioner Certificate (CU-CTP), and the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certificate (or similar or have at least read through the syllabus and understand the content), for general basic testing knowledge.

Syllabi and sample exams coming soon!

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