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ISTQB® CT - Acceptance Testing


Chapter 1: Introduction and Foundations

  • Fundamental Relationships
  • Business Analysis and Acceptance Testing

Chapter 2: Acceptance Criteria, Acceptance Tests and Experience-Based Practices

  • Writing Acceptance Criteria
  • Designing Acceptance Tests
  • Experience-based Approaches for Acceptance Testing

Chapter 3: Business Process and Business Rules Modeling

  • Modeling Business Processes and Rules
  • Deriving Acceptance Tests from Business Process/Rule Models
  • Business Process Modeling for Acceptance Testing

Chapter 4: Acceptance Testing for Non-Functional Requirements

  • Non-functional Characteristics and Quality in Use
  • Usability and User Experience
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Security

Chapter 5: Collaborative Acceptance Testing

  • Collaboration
  • Activities
  • Tool Support
  • Security


Business outcomes

Business analysts and product owners who hold the ISTQB® CTFL Acceptance Tester Certificate can:

  • Contribute to an organization’s acceptance testing activities by participating in the acceptance test design phase and supporting the alignment of the product with the business requirements.
  • Contribute to the quality of the acceptance testing process, including validation and verification of produced artifacts.

Testers who hold the ISTQB® CTFL Acceptance Tester Certificate can:

  • Contribute to the definition of acceptance criteria during the requirements definition phase.
  • Collaborate efficiently with business analysts and other stakeholders during all acceptance testing activities.
  • Understand the business objectives, communicate with business units, and share common objectives for acceptance testing.

Target Audience

This acceptance testing qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software acceptance testing activities. This includes people in roles such as product owners, business analysts, testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers, and software developers

The focus of the syllabus is on the concepts, methods and practices of collaboration between product owners / business analysts and testers in acceptance testing.


  • Successful completion of the ISTQB® CTFL certification exam and certification.
  • Previous experience in acceptance testing is recommended, but not required.

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