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PtU - Certified Performance Tester with JMeter


PtU-CPTJM is a practitioner level course for testers involved in performance testing. The course covers JMeter as a open source tool to generate load. This design-focused course provides an undiluted JMeter experience, focusing especially on the critical JMeter concepts. This enables a better real-life implementation of the newly acquired knowledge in the participants' daily work, such as: Record and Play, Correlation, Parameterization, Controller, ThinkTime, Assertions and Monitoring.

The PtU-CPTJM course contains some technical content that teaches JMeter load testing techniques and is appropriate for Software Testers, Test Engineers, Performance Testers, Performance Engineers, Test Leads, QA Manager, Operational Support.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Main Concepts of Performance Testing
  • JMeter Basic Concepts

Chapter 2 - Basic Scripts

  • Test plan
  • Recording and Execution
  • Results Listeners

Chapter 3 - Advanced Scripting

  • Correlation
  • Parameterization
  • Think Times
  • Logic Controllers
  • Assertions
  • Debugging the Script

Chapter 4 - Testing

  • Test Execution
  • Application Monitoring

Chapter 5 - Documentation

  • Introduction
  • Performance Test Plan
  • Test Script
  • Results Report

Chapter 6 - Extra

  • JMeter Best Practices
  • Testing Web Services



PtU-CPTJM is a practical course for testers who are already involved in performance testing, or for those who wish to start in this area.


Basic knowledge about programming. Understandings about Variables, Functions, Methods, Control Structures (Conditionals and Loops).

Basic knowledge about HTTP protocol. Understanding about HTTP Request/Response, and the main elements involved like Cookies, URL, Parameters, Methods (GET, POST), Headers and Body.

Basic knowledge about system architecture. Understandings about Web architectures based in layers (Client/Server).

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