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IFPUG™ Certified SNAP Specialist


The Certified SNAP Specialist (CSS) designations recognize the highest level of knowledge and skills in the Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP). The CSS designation is a formal recognition of an initial level of expertise in the area of SNAP, both knowledge and application of the IFPUG counting rules according to the IFPUG Assessment Practices Manual (APM). IFPUG has currently two levels of Certifications related to SNAP – Certified SNAP Practitioner (CSP) and Certified SNAP Specialist (CSS).

The CSS Exam is a test of both the knowledge of the counting rules laid out in the current release of the APM and the ability to apply those rules. The CSS designation will be granted if the individual scores at least 90% overall correct with at least 80% correct on each section of the Certification Exam.


Anyone who is interested in or working in software sizing. The knowledge acquired through the IFPUG Assessment Practices Manual (APM) is beneficial for people working in the areas of Requirement Analysis, Project Management, Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, and sizing software to solve challenging problems where some of the factors are unknown.


You must fully understand the IFPUG Assessment Practices Manual (APM) to be able to be successful in this exam. Training is available to support you with this process, but along with training you also need to gain some experience working in software sizing... the more you count - the better you'll get. 


In order to register and take the exam and maintain your certificate status, you must have a valid IFPUG Membership. For more information please check out the membership portion of the IFPUG website

Fazer download do syllabus para esta certificação ou ver os exemplos de exame.

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