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Core Blockchain B4B

Core Blockchain - Blockchain for Business


The C-level course will help you learn about Blockchain technology and how it is changing the world around us. In this 2-day hands-on workshop, you will learn about Blockchain and the problems it solves. You will explore smart contract development and how it simplifies processes, brings transparency and addresses the problem of trust that exists today. You will understand Blockchain use cases for multiple industry verticals through use case analysis, demos and interaction with smart contracts.

You will learn to use a decision-making process for choosing a Blockchain platform for specific enterprise use cases, and understand the advantages and trade-offs of using Blockchain compared to traditional technology.

Finally, you will learn (at a high level), how to run a design sprint to implement a Blockchain based solution in your organisation.


Business Outcomes

  • Identify use cases where a Blockchain can be used
  • Select the right consensus mechanism for different types of Blockchain implementations and platforms
  • Identify business processes that benefit from smart contracts
  • Use a decision making framework to filter use cases that are a good fit for Blockchain technology
  • Identify the right Blockchain platform to use for a specific use case


Learning Objectives

  • Explain what a Blockchain is and how it works under the hoods. (K1)
  • Understand the different types of Blockchain platforms and which ones to use for specific use cases. (K2)
  • Select the right consensus mechanism for different types of Blockchain implementations and platforms (K3)
  • Understand how Blockchain wallets work (K2)
  • Use Blockchain wallets to interact with a Blockchain network (K3)
  • Explain what is a smart contract (K1)
  • Explain the reasons to use a smart contract (K1)
  • Understand the use cases where smart contracts are used in the enterprise (K2)
  • Deploy and work with smart contracts (K3)
  • Understand how smart contracts integrate with end user facing web applications (K2)
  • Understand how smart contracts enable the creation of smart assets (K2)
  • Demonstrate the use of a smart contract enabled smart asset (K3)
  • Understand the present business problems in various industry verticals that can be solved with Blockchain (K1)
  • Understand the advantages and trade-offs in using Blockchain to solve problems (K1)
  • Demonstrate the use of Blockchain for specific use cases (K3)
  • Understand how Blockchain compares with a traditional database (K1)
  • Understand and explain the advantages of Blockchain (K1)
  • Understand the trade-offs when using a Blockchain (K1)
  • Explain the differences between popular Blockchain platforms (K2)
  • Understand the techniques involved in testing Blockchain applications (K1)
  • Understand the role of Blockchain when used with other technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) (K1)
  • Explain the economic and incentive models used by popular Blockchain platforms (K2)
  • Understand the current state of regulations for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (K1)
  • Understand the future of Blockchain technology (K1)
  • Apply a decision making framework to evaluate whether Blockchain is a good fit for a specific use case (K3)
  • Understand how Blockchain can be integrated with existing enterprise applications (K1)
  • Explain the various skills required by business analysts, technical architects and developers to work on Blockchain applications (K1)
  • Understand how to use the design sprint technique to quickly build a Blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC) (K1)
  • Understand the different components that make up a design sprint (K1)
  • Understand the different stages in a design sprint (K1)
  • Understand the outcome of a design sprint (K1)


More information available via: https://coreblockchain.com/courses


This course is designed for CXO’s, VPs, Senior Management, Middle Management, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Architects and others who are interested in understanding Blockchain technology and its impact in the enterprise.


Participants Equipment and Software

  • Laptop with Windows 7, 8, 10 OR MacOS
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Chrome Browser

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