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Brightest Open Exam Sessions

We are proud to offer exams sessions around the world. If you are interested in joining a group near you, please have a look below at the current available options. If you have a small group of people, you can always contact us via info@brightest.org and we can set up an open group in the location of your choosing.

Next Open Exams

At the moment there currently aren't any Open Exams scheduled.  If you're in Berlin, Germany you are welcome to visit the Brightest office and take your exam. If you require information about taking exams in your area, please contact us via info@brightest.org. 

You can get certified by taking an exam!

预定您的 认证考试

brightest private exams

Brightest 私人


个人线上考试由Pearson VUE专家通过网络视频进行实时管理(现在也适用于ISTQB)。


Brightest 考试


通过Peason VUE 网站轻松注册,个人可在任何5200多个考点参加线上考试。

brightest green exam

Brightest 绿色


至少 6 名参与者,使用六种不同语言、线上小组考试, 在世界任何地方。

brightest paper exam

Brightest 纸质


为至少 6 人的小组提供越来越多语言服务的传统考试体验。