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AU Certified Automation Practitioner in Agile Testing


Agile United - Certified Automation Practitioner in Agile Testing (AU - CAPT) is a three-day intensive, hands-on, and interactive training to help you develop skills and knowledge to survive as an automation engineer in an agile context and grow your career in the testing field. It will sharpen or change your paradigm of testing and quality in an agile context. 

The goal of this certification course is to provide the best approach for the effective implementation of test automation in an agile context. We look at what is needed for test automation and how it can best be set up and maintained. Throughout the course, you will discover what types of test automation exist and how they could be implemented.

Chapter 1: Expectations and Value of Test Automation

  • Understanding the basics of test automation
  • Value of automation
  • Creating value
  • The Six Thinking Hats of de Bono
  • Toulmin’s reasoning diagram

Chapter 2: Test Types

  • Agile Testing Quadrants
  • The Test Pyramid

Chapter 3: Test Automation Frameworks

  • Linear framework
  • Modular framework
  • Data-driven framework
  • Keyword-driven framework
  • Model-based testing framework
  • Code-driven testing framework
  • Hybrid framework

Chapter 4: Test Development Approach

  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing framework
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) framework

Chapter 5: Complementary Tools and Components

  • Assertions and assertion libraries
  • Stubs and drivers
  • User interface testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

Chapter 6 Test Automation Approach and Strategy

  • Get team involvement
  • Thinking about ownership and responsibility
  • Thinking about the development processes
  • Define a strategy

Chapter 7: Tool Selection

  • Factors on choosing a tool
  • Selecting the right test tool(s)
  • Run a spike

Chapter 8: Decide on What to Automate

Chapter 9: Best Practices

  • Follow test design patterns
  • Don't repeat yourself (DRY)
  • Use Domain-specific language (DSL)
  • Maintain standards

Chapter 10: How to Embed Test Automation

  • Embed test automation within Scrum
  • Make a maintenance plan
  • Use Continuous Integration
  • Measure code coverage
  • Share successes

Цільова аудиторія

Software Quality Engineers, Test Automation Specialists, Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Test Consultants, and Software Developers.


In order to be successful throughout this course and in your exam, it is highly recommended that you already hold the AU-CPAT certificate or have at least 2 years of experience working in an agile environment.


For this course, it is important also to have first experience in test autmation. Just as a reminder from the AU-CPAT requirements, it is highly recommended that you also hold the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) as this course will not cover the fundamentals and terminology of Testing. Other recommendations are another Agile or Scrum certificate like PSM or CSM or ASF or at least reading through the Scrum guide. If you do not hold any of the certifications mentioned above, you may still join the course; however, to get the most out of the experience you should have at least read through the above-mentioned syllabi and taken note of the important relevant terms.

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