SeU Certified Selenium Engineer

3 días - desde 19-02-19 hasta 21-02-19
AT - Wien


What makes Selenium United courses unique?

  • Participants receive to-the-point information in a practical setting that is relevant for today’s professional testers (25% theory, 75% practical)
  • Participants receive an un-diluted Selenium experience, focusing more on the critical Selenium concepts, which allows for better real-life implementation in their daily work
  • The course and supporting documents have been developed by an international team of experts who understand the current developments in this field of expertise
  • Certificates are issued by Brightest an internationally renowned and ISO-certified certification body
  • Supported by important companies in the industry

Público objetivo

  • If you are a tester mostly focused on manual testing and want to step into the world of test automation, this course is for you.
  • If you are a test automation engineer who has just started with Selenium or you have done test automation with other tools, and now want to explore Selenium, this course is for you.
  • If you are an engineer with an intermediate level of Selenium knowledge, who hasn’t gone through an immersion learning in Selenium, so that you can know how all things fit together for professional Selenium based automation, this course could be the only course you need on Selenium.


  • Basic knowledge of core Java is mandatory (for a detailed list please check the prerequisites mentioned on - A video is also posted, which can help you understand most of the required Java topics prior to attending the course. 
  • Basic knowledge of Eclipse is also recommended

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