Design Sprint Master 2.0

2 days - from 21-08-19 to 22-08-19
Deutschland - Berlin


This 2-day full-immersion course will help you gain a strong understanding of the following topics:

  • Understand the best practices of design thinking and innovation associated with design sprints.
  • Gain a strong command of the five phases of design sprints: Understand, Collect Ideas & Sketch, Decide, Prototype and Validate.
  • Be able to validate ideas and compile solutions for challenges through the use of the design sprint framework.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in innovation and solving complex problems in a group of 7-10 people less than a week.


There are no requirements for attending this course. All you need is the energy and ability to actively participate and abstain from distractions like your cellphone and emails for the duration of the course.

Syllabi and sample exams comming soon!

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