ISTQB® CTFL, Performance Tester Extension


Performance Testers or Performance Test Engineers conduct systemperformance testing to ensure system reliability, capacity and scalability. They also play a important role when suggesting new tools and techniques to improve testing efficiency. They play an integral role in project planning, scheduling, budgeting and tracking activities.

ISTQB® Performance Tester certification complements the core foundation level as a specialist module. It provides an theoretical background for testers working to support the quality and performan of software.


Chapter 1: Basic Concepts of Performance Testing

  • Principles and Concepts
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Testing Types in Performance Testing
  • The Concept of Load Generation
  • Common Failures in Performance Testing and Their Causes

Chapter 2: Performance Measurement Fundamentals

  • Typical Metrics Collected in Performance Testing
    • Why Performance Metrics are Needed
    • Collecting Performance Measurements and Metrics
    • Selecting Performance Metrics
  • Aggregating Results from Performance Testing
  • Key Sources of Performance Metrics
  • Typical Results of a Performance Test

Chapter 3: Performance Testing in the Software Lifecycle

  • Principal Performance Testing Activities
  • Performance Risks for Different Architectures
  • Performance Risks Across the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Performance Testing Activities

Chapter 4: Performance Testing Tasks

  • Planning
    • Deriving Performance Test Objectives
    • The Performance Test Plan
    • Communicating about Performance Testing
  • Analysis, Design and Implementation
    • Typical Communication Protocols
    • Transactions
    • Identifying Operational Profiles
    • Creating Load Profiles
    • Analyzing Throughput and Concurrency
    • Basic Structure of a Performance Test Script
    • Implementing Performance Test Scripts
    • Preparing for Performance Test Execution
  • Execution
  • Analyzing Results and Reporting

Chapter 5: Tools

  • Tool Support
  • Tool Suitability

Target Audience

Testers, Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Test Consultants, Test Managers, User Acceptance Testers and Software Developers.


  • Have successfully passed the ISTQB® CTFL Certification exam and hold the certificate.
  • First experience in performance testing is recommended, but not required.

Download the syllabi for this certification or see sample exams.

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