CU Certified Cloud Testing - Foundation Level


The cloud has changed the way applications are hosted and tested. The CU Certified Cloud Testing - Foundation Level certification course focuses on essential cloud characteristics and cloud specific tests that a tester needs to know. The certification itself is independent of any specific cloud provider; however, hands-on excercises will be performed on several of these providers. The certified cloud tester - foundation level will be able to perform various types of cloud specific tests and also understand the differences between testing the cloud and testing apps on the cloud.  The course doesn't teach basics of general testing as it is expected that the examinee has that knowledge.


Target Audience

Testers, test leads and managers, QEs, basically anybody who has to test or manage testing of systems that involve the cloud.


Generally there are no pre-requisites for attending this course; however, CU does recommend that the participants have experience in testing and hold ISTQB CTFL certification. 

Syllabi and sample exams coming soon!

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