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Function Point Analysis

Estimating Test and Rework Effort in Software Projects

with Christine Green (IFPUG President)

Ausgestrahlt am 04/02/2021

Dauer: 1 hour in English

Especially in complex projects, the challenges of inaccurate Estimation are in the Test and Rework effort.


Underestimating the effort in this area is mainly due to lack of a more mature approach to estimating the required test effort and the anticipated defects and thereby requiring rework effort. If all software projects use a Quantitative Approach for estimating Test Effort, Rework Effort, and anticipated Defects, the likelihood of successfully deliver the software project will increase. Using a quantitative approach will bring value and improvement to the estimated effort's accuracy, and the quality of the software product delivered.


This presentation will share the insight into Test and Rework Estimation and Estimation of anticipated Defects, using Function Point Analysis (FPA) and Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) – two industry sizing standards under the International Function Points Users Group (IFPUG).


Christine Green

(Senior Project Manager and Forecast Advisor & President of IFPUG 2019-2021)

  • Complex project scope analysis, estimation, and start-up.
  • Software project recovery with the root cause and go2green advisory and support.
  • Corporate advisory for setting up a quantitative approach for successful Price modelling or project management
  • Christine Green is considered an industry expert and is currently the only capacity with the combination of certifications within both Project Management, Lean Process Improvement, and Quantitative Scope Analysis in Denmark. Certified - PMP, LSS BB and CFPS.
  • Currently Christine Green work as an independed Project Manager and Contract Advisor on Critical and Complex projects and Contracts within the Health Industry and European Government.
  • Christine serves as the IFPUG President in the period of November 2019-2021
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